Caring for body piercing

Statistics show that nearly 30% of body piercings will experience problems. The most common are allergies or affection. Many of these problems remain minor, but can quickly worsen and become very dangerous. About 47% of people who have been drilling will not follow instructions properly safeguarded their return home - yet they put their lives at risk. Learn how to take care of its new piercing.

The first 24 hours - the most important:


Girl with piercingTo do:
• The care of body piercing begins at home! Wash your piercing using salt water or saline solution. Use a cotton or a clean cloth.
• Wipe with paper towel, then leave it alone (not to tamper even if it bothers you)!

Do not:
• Fiddle with the piercing: rotating, pulling, swinging in every direction. This encourages the body to reject the piercing and was especially inflamed against you or your piercing. More you facilitate the spread of bacteria that could cause serious damages!

The first week - be careful:


To do:
• Wash hands before touching your piercing. The bacteria on the hands (even if they seem to own) is the biggest cause of infection of piercing.
• Keep your piercing "airy". Immediately wash the piercing if it appears dirty.
• Keep the instructions on your piercer care in a safe place and where you can still remember it - not on the bill!

Do not:
• Wash the piercing with a washcloth or tissue used. They are full of microbes.
• Use table salt or alcohol to sterilize your piercing. This can only lead to complications. If you use a saline solution, ensure the solution is pure, or used the treatment prescribed by your piercer.
• Remove your piercing. This will slow the healing process and further, it will be difficult to replace.
• Wear tight or too loose. Let the piercing will be compressed and the lack of air will affect the healing of the piercing, or it might catch on clothing and be ripped off.

Care for the long term


The first week is the most dangerous zone for a piercing to become a disaster, but it takes much longer to be fully treated. Everything depends on where your piercing, but the average time for complete recovery is 6 weeks to 2 years.

To do:
• Always clean with pure saline.
• Keep your hands sterile until you are sure the piercing begins to heal.
• Take showers regularly to keep it clean.
• Mark your calendars for healing rough. If the piercing is still red, inflamed or painful, you must go see a doctor. Do not be afraid to consult if you have any doubts.

Do not:
• Swimming, having long baths or soak your piercing. The water seems to be "clean" but the warm waters are real paradise for bacteria and other germs. The showers are the safest solution.
• Expose your piercing to bodily fluids, which you could transmit hepatitis or HIV.
• Ignore problems or pretend that all is well. Infections of piercings are real risks to your health. Take each dangerous sign seriously.




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