Having its first piercing

Consider the following points carefully before your first piercing

How a piercing may affect your lifestyle

Dog PiercingSometimes your "lifestyle" may be a factor that aggravates your piercing. Most often these activities are infrequent to cause real problems. The exercises are not uncommon a concern, but the regular and vigorous activities can cause damage to your new piercing healing, and even an old and healed. It will limit and temporarily stop your activities until your piercing is healed. This applies to the type of jewelry made during your piercing.

Choose the correct size of jewel

The location can affect the choice of the initial jewelry in a piercing. A good size piece of jewelry is an important decision to make before getting drilled.

Listen to the advice

Woman PiercingThe size and shape of the area to be drilled should be taken into account. Any professional piercer, must thoroughly check the area before drilling, and help the client decide on the appropriate jewelry before performing the procedure. Customers should be prepared to accept the fact that it may be difficult to have a piercing in the area of ​​their choice. By all means, try to get a second opinion, see a third, fourth and fifth, for five opinions that are in the same direction are more important than the opinions diverge. Thus, if more than half of piercers advise you to do your piercing to the chosen location, he wants better not try.

The eyes of others

Having a piercing is fashionable. But for some people, piercing is frowned upon. Ask your friends what they think before you launch.

Moreover, in the workplace, the piercing "provocative" is rather frowned upon. So if you're looking for a job or are in a job or you are in contact with customers, think before you drill.




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