ScarificationIn some cultures, skin smooth and unmarked represents an ideal of beauty, but people in many others see smooth skin as a brute, a surface unappealing. The art of body scarification, also known as scarring, changes the texture of the skin by cutting it and uses the control body's healing process. The use of discounts, which are used to treat infections and to improve the visibility of scars, leave visible incisions after the healing of the skin. Inserting substances like clay or ash into the wounds increase the permanent or bumps, known as "keloid". The substances included in the wounds may also cause changes in skin color, creating marks similar to tattoos. A glass developed and extensive decorative patterns into the skin usually indicates a permanent change in the status of a person.

The drawings often have a symbolic meaning, and the same models can be used on textiles, woodcarvings, ceramics and stone sculpture. Because scarification is painful, the person who suffers is often richly rewarded for endurance and courage showed.

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