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Piercing Surgical Steel 316L


The steel jewelry is one of the most popular body jewelry due to its strength and affordability. There is a huge selection of steel piercing available and can be used to create all types of jewelry. At we have hundreds of jewelry to choose steel.

Surgical steel?


Piercing Acier 316L Stainless Steel 316L Piercing is a type of steel to be used as for body jewelry and medical applications. This is a steel alloy that contains small amounts of chromium and nickel to give it strength and sharpness. Surgical steel is easy to clean, it is very resistant and has a smooth surface. For this reason, 316L surgical steel is commonly used to make surgical instruments, and of course piercings.

Surgical steel is biocompatible and can not irritate the skin. It is an affordable material and stainless steel jewelry is inexpensive, easy to find and elegant. Thanks to its affordability, the surgical steel 316L jewelry in a variety of cool designs, including colors, fashions, with innovative designs and shapes.

Most surgical steels contain a small percentage of nickel, which some people can be irritating after a long period. But for most people, the irritation of the nickel is non-existent. The irritation of the skin is clean and has all this can be affected by other health factors or diet, but it is always possible to go back and everything will return to normal when the jewelry is removed. If you have any irritation after wearing a jewel in steel, it is recommended to use titane.tion piercings. It also helps to give your classic arcade style shows, at work or just to stay fashionable.




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